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Can You Put A Schrader Valve In A Presta Rim?

The bicycle tube is a part that is found on the rim of your bicycle and is located within the tire. The Schrader tube and the Presta tube are the two main types of bicycle tubes. There is a valve on each of these tubes, which is used to pump air into the tire. But can you put a Schrader valve in a Presta rim?

The answer is no. A rubber gasket in the head of a Presta-only pump fits securely over a Presta valve but not the Schrader valve. It just won’t fit if you attempt to put it into a Presta tube.

Keep reading below as we take you through all the important information about your tires.

schrader and presta valve

The Schrader Valve

In 1891, August Schrader developed the Schrader valve design. The majority of motorcycle and car tires use this valve. Its durability makes it a popular choice for usage on autos. It has a threaded top that may be used to attach a cap and is broader than a Presta valve. A spring-loaded check valve can be found in the middle of the valve.

The valve’s internal spring shuts the opening, preventing the release of air. When using an air pump, the pressure pushes back on the spring, releasing the valve and letting air in and out. Because of its width, a Schrader valve cannot be used on a road bike. Schrader valves typically have the same dimensions, which are 8 mm broad and 32 mm long.

They have the benefit of being durable and simple to operate. Schrader valves are used in automotive tires; thus, you can refill tubes with this valve at almost any gas station with an air pump.

Schrader valves have the drawback of being pushed into the rim while trying to pump air through them if the pressure is too low. Contrary to Presta valves, the entire body is not threaded, making it possible to attach a nut at the bottom to stop the valves from retracting into the rim. 

Additionally, as they deteriorate, their valves may start to leak air. The other downside is that they take more effort to pump than a Presta valve tube.

schrader valve

The Presta Valve

Presta valves have a 6mm diameter, making them substantially slimmer than Schrader valves. The most common diameters, in contrast to Schrader valves, are 32mm, 42mm, 60mm, and 80mm.

Presta valves have the advantage of requiring just a tiny hole in the rim. Rims for bicycles are made to be sturdy and structurally sound. To let air in and out, a nut on the top of a Presta valve has to be unbolted. Presta valves are made without a check valve and are sealed against tube pressure.

Because a Presta valve doesn’t have a spring like a Schrader valve, it is simpler to refill. Additionally, you only need to loosen the nut at the top and press down to let the air out.

Are Presta And Schrader Valves The Same Diameter?

Presta valves have a 6 mm diameter, whereas Schrader valves have an 8 mm diameter. Your tire’s rim has a hole punched through it to accommodate either Schrader or Presta valves.

Can You Put A Schrader Valve In A Presta Rim?

presta valve

If you’re wondering whether you can put a Schrader valve in a Presta rim, the simple answer is no. Because they are too wide, Schrader valves normally won’t fit on rims designed for Presta valves. Although it is possible, it is not recommended to put a Presta valve on a rim designed for a Schrader valve either. 

It’s fine for short trips, but not for long ones. This is because the Presta valve will move about and won’t fit properly. In addition, the movement could cause the rim to sever the valve’s base tube. To accommodate a Schrader, you shouldn’t drill a bigger hole on rims designed for Presta. 

The rims are manufactured with precise measurements and put through tests to ensure they won’t bend or break. The structural integrity of a rim can be severely compromised if you drill a hole in it.

However, if you’d still like to know how you can convert a Presta rim to accommodate a Schrader valve, then we recommend checking out this video on how to do it safely:

Where Is The Valve On My Bike Located?

Schrader and Presta valves may be seen on the tires—specifically, protruding toward the hub from the inside of the rim. However, Schrader fittings may also be found on the suspension, including the drop-seat posts, rear shocks, and forks. The Schrader fitting on droppers is often placed within the post itself.

Should You Switch?

Most bicycles have Presta valves as the industry standard, but automobiles, motorbikes, and nearly all other vehicles with tires are equipped with Schrader valves. Is switching from one to the other beneficial?  

Given that Presta valves are better suited to the pressures and strains of bicycle usage, you have no reason to switch from Presta to Schrader. However, even if you did want to, it is unlikely that you could because the hole drilled in your rim would be too small to accommodate the Schrader valve.

However, switching oppositely could appear more appealing. But in our view, there is no need to do so. Presta valves are made to withstand greater pressures, but this is never going to be necessary for a bike that originally had Schrader valves. Furthermore, you won’t be able to refill your tires at a gas station in case of an emergency and would probably need an adapter to fill the gap in the larger hole.

Final Words

If you’re still wondering whether you can put a Schrader valve in a Presta rim, the answer is no because it won’t fit. They are designed for their respective valves only. Hence, it is not advisable to put one in another.