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Can You Use A Road Bike Frame For A Fixie

Have you stumbled upon an old bike in your garage, wondering if it can be saved? If your preference is a fixie, we have the perfect solution. 

If your road bike’s frame is in good condition, you can easily turn it into a fixie. It would be best if you had a locking chain and a fixie cog, and you are good to go. 

This article further explains how this can be done and if the process can be reversed. Can all bikes be converted? Let us find out. 

Image of an individual holding a fixie.

What Is A Fixie?

A fixie (or fixed-gear bicycle) is a type of bike with a single gear and no freewheel. This means the pedals are always connected to the wheel, so the rider has to pedal in order to move forward. Fixies are popular among urban cyclists for their simplicity and low maintenance requirements. 

Why Convert From A Road Bike To A Fixie?

The big question is why someone would want to turn their road bike into a fixie. A fixie is a bike that is simpler and more efficient than a traditional road bike. The fixed-gear drivetrain eliminates the need for complex derailleurs and shifters, resulting in fewer parts that require maintenance and lighter weight. 

The fixed gear also allows for a more direct connection between the rider and the bike, resulting in a more responsive and efficient ride. Additionally, fewer parts make fixies more affordable than traditional road bikes. 

What Are The Main Differences Between A Road Bike And A Fixie?

A road bike is a more traditional bike that is designed for biking on roads and paths. A fixie is a bike intended to be ridden without a chain, typically on pavement, bike paths, and other smooth surfaces. A road bike generally is heavier and has a more robust frame than a fixie. 

They also usually have more gears, which means they can go slower and further. On the other hand, a fixie is typically lighter and has a smaller frame, so it is easier to ride. Some other characteristics that set the differences between a road bike and a fixie apart are:

  • Road bikes usually have multiple gears, while fixies have only one.
  • Road bikes have drop handlebars designed for speed, while fixies have flat handlebars designed for control and maneuverability.
  • Road bikes have two brakes, while fixies have only one.
  • Road bikes are more expensive than fixies.
  • Road bikes are versatile and can be used for various riding styles, while fixies are mainly meant for urban riding.
Image of a man riding his bike.

How To Turn A Road Bike Into A Fixie?

Turning a road bike into a fixie is a time-consuming and tiring process. You can do this at home or trust a bike mechanic to help you out. However, we have a guide for you if you want to take over the procedure. 

Items You May Want To Be Equipped With

  • A flip-flop hub
  • New rear wheel with fixed-gear hub 
  • Single-speed cog 
  • A lock ring
  • Chain tensioner 
  • Chain 
  • Fixed-gear crankset 
  • Pedals

Instructions To Follow

  1. Remove the rear wheel from the bike and remove the freewheel from the hub.
  2. Place the new flip-flop hub onto the axle and secure it with the appropriate spacers.
  3. Install the fixed cog onto the seat, ensuring that it is secure.
  4. Reinstall the rear wheel and tighten the axle nuts.
  5. Flip the wheel to the fixed side and attach the chain to the cog.
  6. Check the chain tension and adjust it if necessary.
  7. Test ride the bike to make sure it is shifting correctly.

For more guidance, watch this:

Can Any Bike Be Turned Into A Fixie? 

If you find yourself with a mountain bike or an electric bike, you can still work with it to turn it into a fixie. All that you would require are a lock ring and a fixie cog. A bike frame is the only thing necessary to make a fixie. 

Can A Fixie Be Turned Into Any Bike?

Yes, a fixie can be turned into any bike. The bike’s frame can be modified to fit different components, such as handlebars, brakes, wheels, and gears. This will allow you to customize the bike to your needs and preferences. The frame of any bike can easily be customized to support any new type of bike. 

Is Converting Bikes To A Fixie A Good Idea?

It depends on what you’re looking for in a bike. Some people may find that converting a bike into a fixie is a great way to get a unique and custom ride. Others may prefer something other than having a one-speed bike and the lack of gear. 

Ultimately, it’s up to the person to decide if converting a bike into a fixie is a good idea for them. Factors that could influence the decision include the bike’s condition, the rider’s riding style, and the availability of parts. 

The new bike’s performance depends on what kind of bike you are converting and what type of performance you are looking for. Some bikes may be better suited for conversion to fixies than others, and some may not be suitable for transformation. Road, track, and single-speed bikes are the most suitable for this conversion. 

Moreover, converting bikes is a challenging financial decision to make. All the components that you add to an existing bike frame cost money. There are rarely any bikes that can be reused from one type of bike to another. 

All the parts need to be bought before the conversion can take place. Not only do the parts cost money, but the conversion process requires several toolkits if you are doing the conversion at home. 

However, if you let a bike mechanic handle it, it would cost you even higher. Using an old bike frame to make a new bike could be an excellent idea if your pocket allows it. This would still cost you lower than buying a new bike altogether. 

Final Thoughts

You have got yourself a solution for the bike in your garage that would have rusted away otherwise. It is up to you to decide whether this is a good idea. Your finances and requirements will determine this for you.