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How Much Does a BMX Bike Cost?

If you want to get into BMX, you should consider buying a decent BMX bike instead of a cheaper option. Price should not be the only determining factor when choosing a BMX. Some people choose expensive, full Chromoly bikes while others like to start small and then level up the parts.

BMX bikes come in all price ranges for all sorts of budgets, starting at below $200 (low quality) up to $1300 or above. Choosing a suitable bike for your needs depends not only on budget but also on which BMX bike matches your needs and skill-set.

BMX is one of the most popular motorsports in the USA and other parts of the world. It has become a culture. A BMX bike is an investment for enjoying your leisure time. Still, the price tag is a massive factor in your decision to buy a bike. In this article, we will discuss the cost of a decent BMX bike.

The Cost Of A BMX Bike

This blog post will help you with choosing a BMX bike that suits your needs. Many BMX bike brands are throwing their best products on the market, so it can be challenging to decide which BMX bike is best for you. Your BMX bike’s cost will depend a lot on what you want from a bike and if you are a beginner or already a pro rider. When looking at the specs of BMX bikes, there are big differences in the price range.

There is a pool of choices, and if you do not know the basics of purchasing a BMX, you might end up buying an expensive bike that does not even fit your needs. Therefore, you should consider the following things before worrying about the cost of a BMX bike:

1. Is it “Complete” or “Build?”

  • A complete bike typically means the standard versions offered by BMX companies. It includes regular parts, frame, and color.
  • A “build” version is the custom bike, typically built by bikers for themselves. It includes the parts as preferred by the biker. Usually, one needs to have a thorough understanding of how bikes work to get a built bike.
  • Complete bikes often come at a lower rate than build.
  • You have the option of upgrading the parts of a “complete” bike as deem necessary.
  • Build bikes are expensive, still favored by pro bikers.

2. Budget for BMX Repairs

  • A complete bike will need parts to be leveled up when you move up your biking career from a beginner to a pro.
  • A build will require routine maintenance.
  • Depending on your usage, you will need to repair parts. For instance, when you start stunt cycling rigorously, the parts will start making noises. This “abuse” of the use will influence your maintenance schedule.

3. Favorite BMX brands

  • Following BMX trends are one way of researching for your bike.
  • Reading reviews of the particular BMX, you wish to buy is also helpful.
  • Blogs about BMX are also an excellent resource for your purchase inclination.

Once you have researched everything stated above, you should be able to make your decision in no time. Then you can start comparing prices and features. After all, it would be great to get a good deal when buying a good quality BMX bike that will suit your needs. Trust me; you do not want to get this wrong.

Here is the general guide of how much a decent BMX bike costs:

BMX Cost for a Beginner:

BMX bike parts
  • It would be best if you started with a simple BMX bike that is low-end. It should cost you around $100-$200. Please note that this BMX will not have the lightest parts, but it will be sufficient.
  • Gradually, if or when you notice the bike’s performance is low or not up to your standards, you can start upgrading the parts.
  • This advancement will help you understand how a bike works. With your new advanced BMX skills, you will have a better grasp of the subject.
  • You will start learning about the parts that suit you the most.
  • Once you have decided that your love for BMX is never-ending, you can start investing real money into it.
  • This investment will depend on your style and capability of riding a BMX.
  • At first, you should change the frame and the fork to see if it fits your need.
  • Progressively, you will arrive at your custom-built bike with ample knowledge about how BMX works.

BMX Cost for a Pro:

  • If you know one hundred percent what you want on and from a bike, you should get a bike built from scratch.
  • Beware that this “activity” of building a bike could be a lot more expensive than a high-end complete.
  • It would help if you were sure that the qualities you are looking for are not available in a complete BMX bike.
  • Once you already know what you want in your bike, your choice becomes easier.
  • BMX riding sport is highly competitive, and your well built, personalized BMX could gain you a huge advantage during competitions.
  • For a pro rider, a BMX bike will cost around $1000 to $4000.

Why is BMX so Expensive?

Undoubtedly, if you are into motorsports, you are, of course, already aware that these bikes and their parts are very expensive. But why do they have to be so costly? Well, BMX is so expensive because of the following three primary reasons:

  1. Lightweight (BMX bikes are the best bikes for stunt riding).
  2. Stronger (BMX bikes are adaptable to the rough usage on the streets or skate parks).
  3. Responsive (a BMX bike motivates you to go over the edge and further).

It is incredibly challenging to buy a pro bike with a price tag of below $500. Some high-end manufacturers make bikes that cost around $4000 as well. An example of this expensive price range is the brand Daylight.

An expensive bike does not mean you’re a pro all of a sudden or that your skills will improve. A BMX biker does not just pedal hard and throw the bike in the air; it takes a massive skill-set and loads of practice to ride like a pro.

It is not the bike alone; it is the person on that BMX. It takes a lot of precision and accuracy. Still, a pro bike or bike with high-quality parts will help you to achieve your goal to become a BMX pro, but as mentioned before, practice makes perfect. So, for you to become a better rider, you’ll need to put in the time and effort besides buying a high-end BMX bike.

An expensive pro BMX bike should have the following features:

  • Lighter alloys
  • Weight Saving features
  • Higher grade aluminum
  • Frames made out of full Chromoly
  • Brand name
  • Aftermarket parts

Still, if you are a newbie, you can opt to buy a beginner’s bike (a complete with under $500).

Why Your First BMX Should Not Be Expensive

A beginner buys a BMX for four prime reasons:

  1. Stunts (To enter the awesome BMX world fueled by tricks and stunts).
  2. Aesthetics (You want to present yourself in a stylish, cool, and unique way).
  3. Fitness (BMX helps you get fitter, stronger, and burn calories faster than walking).
  4. Commute (BMX can be a way to ride to school, work, etc.).

When you start your BMX life, you are most probably on a budget. We do not recommend choosing a high-end bike for amateurs. It would be best if you were looking for a cheap bike that would go a long way. However, your local bike shop will always tell you to get an expensive BMX as your first bike. They will give you plenty of reasons, which will look appealing. Still, as previously discussed, you can always level up the game by modifying a few parts.

How Much Does a Cheap BMX Bike Cost?

A cheap bike is not the one with low prices but with low quality. The retail price of a BMX does not make it affordable or high quality; it is the specifications. Many decent bikes of under $500 could last for a decade. The defining factor is the construction of a BMX. If the structure is of high quality, but the bike has a lower price tag, it is not “cheap.”

You can buy a bike as low as a hundred dollars from a superstore like Walmart. You should bear in mind that the parts’ quality may not be of a high standard. These stores nowadays have stock parts for replacement purposes, but you should research them before buying them. To conclude, these bikes might fit a beginner but nowhere near the choice of a pro.

Is it Cheaper to Build a BMX Bike?

Building your BMX bike or giving this project to your local bike store will be a rewarding experience. A custom build bike is likely to suit your needs and standards more than a complete bike. Here are a few steps to building a BMX bike.

(A Quick Guide to Build a BMX Bike)

  1. After purchasing all parts, you should assemble the fork, stem, and seat.
  2. Then comes the cranks, pedals, chain, and wheels.
  3. Finally, you assemble the front brakes.

On average, you should expect a cost of $1000 to $2000 to build your BMX bike. It is crucial to find parts that are compatible with your bike. This compatibility will come in handy because your BMX will be subject to a lot of fun stunts, high speeds, and rough handling.

Why is it Expensive to Build a BMX Bike Yourself?

Typically, when we compare prices, a build is more expensive than a complete. If you are to build a bike from the frame up, you really should get it right. There is no point in opting for low-quality parts. Therefore, a custom build BMX bike is usually more expensive than a complete one.

Typically, a frame will cost you $450, and so forth. If you want our estimate on how much does a build BMX costs, it will be approximately $1500.

Is it Expensive to Modify a Complete BMX?

It is crucial to purchase the right and good quality parts for your BMX bike’s excellent construction. However, some parts can always be upgraded if needed later. For instance, one should choose a decent set of wheels for the BMX in the first place. Still, wheels can always be replaced if you did not find a good pair with your first purchase. A good set of wheels on your bike is essential and not to be ignored. Be prepared that new wheels on your BMX bike are expensive.

Reducing cost is not always the best choice. That might lead to a lowering in the quality of your bike’s performance. Another expensive part that might need upgrading is a full Chromoly fork. It often comes with a lifetime warranty, making it a little more expensive than you would like. Combining these two things, wheels and a full Chromoly fork could sometimes become expensive than your entire bike.

Modifications in a bike depend on your skill level. It is OK for a beginner to start small. However, when you reach a certain level of skills, your BMX needs to be upgraded to match the game.

The smaller parts can make a massive difference in the way your BMX resonates with you. Check reviews before buying bearing or cranks to see if it fits your need. Bigger parts like a high-tension steel frame might need changing after some time. The best out there is Titanium Alloy BMX. Modifications depend a lot on your personal preference.

Is BMX Bike Maintenance Expensive?

When you spend a lot of time on the street, heavy terrain, or in the skate park subjecting your BMX to many stunts, you need to spend more time in the garage maintaining your bike. Good bikers will always upkeep their bike.

It is not only about replacing the worn-out parts but also about cleaning the parts regularly. As we expect a BMX to get dirty with mud, it is crucial to keep it clean. This is all DIY stuff, and you can easily learn it from many YouTube tutorials. For instance, if your BMX chain gets loose, you can fix it manually. Besides, a chain tensioner comes in handy.

How Long Does a BMX Bike Last?

If you follow the guidelines given in this blog post about repairs, maintenance, and replacing your parts, your BMX bike will last longer than a few hundred miles for sure. Moreover, if you have gotten your hands on an excellent complete, you are far better off changing a few parts than replacing your whole BMX.

Typically, most parts of a BMX bike last 1000 to 3000 miles, which is an average season for a BMX rider. If you keep a close eye on your BMX parts’ wear and clean or replace them in time, your bike could last decades. When we discuss the time duration of a BMX, it is safe to say that a good-quality frame lasts for three-plus years. Wheels would last a season or so.

Is BMX Easy to Learn?

It depends on many internal and external factors. Still, the most crucial factor is your level of fear and your skill-set. If you are comfortable on your BMX bike, are not afraid to perform stunts, ride at high speed, falling off your bike, and are a natural when it comes to riding, BMX will be far easier for you to learn.

On the other hand, if you are sensitive to peer pressure and want to display your skills as soon as possible, it might get trickier than you imagined. So, first of all, you need to feel relaxed when riding BMX. I know a guy who learned Bunny Hops only by observing other bikers, while tricks like Tail Whip could become challenging for a beginner to learn.

One person can learn BMX in five minutes, while others might need five years. As previously discussed, the parameters are to be comfortable on and with your bike and just to be your awesome self! Keep trying and practicing, and you’ll get better and better.

BMX bikes are a lot different from other bikes. For instance, racing bikes or mountain bikes are not made for skate parks’ tricks. Moreover, a beginner will most likely think BMX to be a challenge, but it is all about focus, practice, and just doing it.

Set your fears or doubts (if you have any) aside and just go for it. Prior experience with skateboards or kick scooters will definitely help. If you are a newcomer to the skate parks, learn the easy tricks first and after you’ve managed that level up to the more challenging stunts.


A BMX bike’s cost is related to the brand name and the construction, parts, frame metal, etc. It is unfair to compare a Corolla with Mercedes on a price basis. Similarly, you cannot compare a $200 bike with a $2500 BMX. Both will have different specifications and a varying approach toward the skill-set of its rider.

If you have spent a good part of your youth on a BMX, you are well equipped to move onto a custom build. You can decide on the parts you’ll need, compare the quality, and make the bike yourself.

A build will cost you above $2000 on average. Our suggestion for a beginner is to purchase a BMX in a lower price range. These cheaper bikes can later be upgraded with a replacement of better, higher quality parts. So, for a beginner, on average, a BMX bike will cost around $500. Whereas, for a pro, the costs of a BMX bike cost will be up to $3000.