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2.0 rating

I’ve been riding bones SPF P5 wheels for a couple of years now and realized I never actually reviewed them. I’m a huge fan of these wheels and I think they are the best wheels for skate parks, mini ramps and verts. They don’t flat spot, are super hard yet grippy and are ridiculously fast on hard smooth surfaces.

Park, vert and bowl riders love them and for good reasons. I’m inclined to say Bones offers the best wheels for these specific purposes.

First Impressions

It’s been a while now but luckily I recently got the Bones SPF P5 Cabbelro baby wheels (56mm 84B) and wanted to compare them to my 58mm SP5. 

They feel really hard, have a decent sized contact patch and don’t show any signs of imperfections. I always like the prints that they will fade away eventually but you want something nice to look at right? Bones provide these wheels in various prints depending on when you buy them. 

Anyway, not much more to say about this so let’s move on to how they ride and perform.

Riding in Parks

Bones are perfect for parks, because of their hardness you won’t have to push hard to maintain speed. Surprisingly they offer a lot of grip despite being 84b  on the Durometer scale. They won’t slip but still allow you to do power slides, reverts at ease. It’s fair to say that they or on par (or maybe better) with Spitfire wheels.

Mini Ramp and Vert

These wheels are great for mini ramps and vert. Usually, hard wheels have less grip compared to softer wheels but Bones somehow managed to make them grippy and stable. They won’t slide under you when you don’t mean to but stay in place when you do rock and rolls or reverts. 

When I do tailslides they seamlessly slide without any hiccups. A huge difference compared to my other wheels which had the tendency of gripping when I didn’t want them to. 

They lock great and I feel really comfortable keeping my grinds locked in instead of being all over the place. They are also very forgiving, a sketchy hangup usually ends well because these wheels just keep 

Even after riding them for over 20 months they don’t show any signs of flat spots, the graphics kind of faded but they hold up fine. That’s perhaps the downside, they will last you for years and I like to buy new stuff once every while. 


These wheels aren’t great for rougher roads and might feel a bit uncomfortable. That’s where you pick Bones Street Tech Formula, not these guys. It’s not that bad though but the hardness just give a lot of vibration. If you like to skate street and skate parks, shred some mini’s and verts, you could still consider them. 



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