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12 Essential BMX Tools to Keep You Safe

Talk about that bicycle that has everyone’s fancy and admiration; it’s the BMX, coupled with all the rugged, high risk, and dirt-ready activities they design the bikes to perform. 

Back when they started in the late ’60s, BMX were clones of motocross motorcycles and was precisely for racing, stunting, and jumping on dirt roads. Now people everywhere desire them, and they are not only purchased by racers alone. 

A BMX requires maintenance, safety tools for preservation, and safety of your bike because of the BMX activities’ nature due to all the prospects people have and the things they usually do with a BMX. Examples of its maintenance tools are; Multi-tools, patch kits, pumps, tube patches, grease, etc.  

Although BMX bikes are ideal for racing, you don’t necessarily have to be a racer to enjoy the lightweight frame, race-worthy, quick-handling, strong rear brake, and sleek rugged bike. It does everything from riding around regular distances to long distances, full dirt track racing, and high indulging activities. 

Ensuring that your bike is always in an excellent state to not experience casualties while riding is a must. Whether it suits you or not, you must have a collection of tools handy for quick fixes and maintenance.

There are more than enough reasons why maintaining your bike should be a necessity and a regular activity, whether it’s for riding long distances or for doing stunts and racing. 

There are procedures for maintaining your BMX bike, and having the right tools will make things easier for you and save you from a great deal of stress. Below is a list of tools BMX riders need for maintenance and quick fixes. 

1. Allen Keys

An adequate tool for the front line is the Allen Keys; it is an easy tool for steering bolts and screws. With hexagonal sockets in its head, it takes an L shape, making it easy for you to have a firm grip while driving the bolts inside or out. The Allen Key is one of the best navigation tools for your BMX.

2. Sockets

A socket wrench is an essential tool for quick fixes and maintenance (sometimes referred to as a screwdriver or racket); it would launch the list of necessary things to have in a toolbox for many people.

Sometimes you will suffer loose bolts and screws that you need to fasten from time to time, and you will need to tighten knots and screws by inserting fitted sockets and adjusting them promptly with a socket wrench. 

The most common sockets for BMX users are the 14 mm male axle, the 17 mm nuts, and the female axles. You can purchase these items by walking into any tool shop or ordering on a good online website. 

3. Chain Breaker/ Cutter

You can’t avoid breaking a chain while riding. Someday you’re going to crack one, and it will be frustrating for you depending on how prepared or capable you are to fix it.

Getting a chain breaker will make it easy for you to cut your chain. Any other method will be complicated. A chain breaker operates by pressing a chain to break it and disconnecting it while easily attaching it to another one to fix the cut.

Having this tool in hand will make you get back on your journey after a quick fix. Chain breakers come in different sizes; two of the most common chain breakers are The part tool CT-3.2  and The shadow conspiracy; the kind of chain breaker you should buy depends on the chain you are using.

4. Tire Levers

Even for regular bicycles, tire levers are an essential tool for bikes. You will need to fix your bicycle tires at intervals; this depends on how often you ride your bike.

The very first procedure in treating a tire is to take it out. A bicycle tire would require aid to take off; using heavy metallic objects to unscrew or yank it off could cause more damage to the tires or even the bicycle’s body. That’s why you should get a tire lever; its sole purpose is to remove a tire with ease.

Tire levers come in plastic or metallic form; you should choose whichever you want.

5. Floor Pump

Again when it comes to tires, floor pumps are essential. You are sure to get a flat tire from time to time, no doubt at all; this is why you need to get a floor pump for your bicycle’s maintenance. There are different floor pumps styles; a favorable floor pump is one with a gauge. It is usually the most comfortable.

6. Hand Pump

Typical bicycle pumps are not suitable to carry around because of the weight and volume. On the other hand, a hand pump is ideal for moving around; however, it isn’t as capable as a regular floor pump; it’s suitable for use while on the road till you get back home or you find a repair shop.

7. Tube Patches

You will most definitely need a tube patch for your bicycle tube after pumping your tire. Tube patches are cheap, even the high-quality ones as well. Having them around is very beneficial.

8. Pedal Wrench

A pedal wrench makes it easy for you to get your bicycle pedal on and off in case of quick fixes. 

9. Screwdriver

For your BMX bike, a screwdriver can come in handy. It could fill up requirements for tools that you don’t have available; it’s easy to substitute a screwdriver for a socket wrench or Allen Key if you don’t have one; you could also use it while taking off parts. Although for more efficiency, you should get the specific tools needed for particular purposes. 

10. Multi-Tool

A multi-tool kit is ideal for carrying around while riding. It has the majority of essential tools in a compilation, and it comes in very handy. Different brands have developed other models of multi-tools over the years. Two examples of multi-tool brands that are good for you are the Salt plus folding multi-tool and the shadow conspiracy’s multi-tool. 

11. Tool Kit

Getting a tool kit that’s already packed with individual tools is a good option if you do not want to purchase tools individually. You can check online for the best BMX tool kit reviews. 

12. Grease 

For bicycle maintenance and safety, applying grease on your bike to enhance and enable friction and prevent rust is essential. Lubricant is something you should have handy; it is also affordable.

These are essentials you should have for proper maintenance and quick fixes on your bike. Asides from ensuring that you have the right tools for fixing your bikes, here are some useful tips you should follow for better maintenance of your BMX.

  1. Do not fill your tires with too much air. You must know your tires’ air intake capacity to not put too much pressure on them, which can make them spoil faster. Check your tires’ state weekly to be aware of their condition and the precautions you need to take.
  2. Always keep your bearing and chains greased. Greasing your BMX shouldn’t be something you occasionally do; you should regularly lubricate so that your BMX can move with ease and always stay fresh.
  3. Always tighten the pedals and bars on your BMX. After regular use, the bolts and screws attached to your cycle’s pedal and bar might become loosened; this can not only strain your bike; it can also expose you to hazard while riding. Therefore ensure that you regularly check the bolts and screws around your BMX and tighten them.
  4. Ensure that you true your wheels. If you are unable to, feel free to go to a bicycle repair shop.
  5. Have a gear bag to store your essential tools. Not only is this more organized, but it also makes maintenance more accessible.
  6. You can do yourself more favor by taking your BMX for occasional checkups. Let experts handle your bike from time to time, except if you are an expert yourself. 

Conclusion: Take Your BMX Maintenance Seriously

How efficient and long-lasting your BMX stays depends on how well you maintain it. Maintenance is not only good for your bike, but also for your waller, buying a new BMX can be expensive. A good bike will keep you safe and expose you to less harm. Proper maintenance is vital!